metabolomics and metabolites square

Understanding the Role of Mass Spectrometry in Metabolomics

Metabolomics – the study of metabolites (such as sugars, lipids, and amino acids) present in cells, tissues, or organisms – …
label free vs label based quantification square

Quantitative Proteomics: Label-Free versus Label-Based Methods

Proteomics focuses on the complete set of proteins expressed by a genome, including their quantities, modifications, interactions, and functions, providing …
an overview of silac methodology square

Quantitative Proteomics: Comparing the Big Three – iTRAQ, TMT, and SILAC

In a previous post, we covered quantitative proteomics and how it has emerged as an indispensable tool in modern biological …

Quantitative Proteomics Explained: Techniques, Applications, and Challenges

The fascinating world of proteins, with their intricate structures and functions, has attracted the attention of scientists for decades, and …
Graph showing increase in demand and decrease in supply leading to rise in price

Why has the price of stable isotopes skyrocketed?

What is contributing to the current price increases of the stable isotopes 13C and 2H and what cost-effective options does …
RNA Strand - iStock Fotos CROCOTHERY

Applying Silantes Cell Growth Media to study Human RNA Modification Dynamics

Nucleic acids play a critical part in Transcription and Translation, which are fundamental processes for life on earth. They are …

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