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Custom RNA & DNA Synthesis Services: Tailored Solutions for Your Nucleic Acid Needs

At Silantes, we are experts in incorporating simple, inorganic stable isotope labeled molecules into complex organic molecules such as amino …
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Applications of Stable Isotope-Labeled Molecules: Exploring the Power of Isotopic Tracers

The incorporation of stable isotopes into nucleic acids provides a range of advantages that have unlocked new avenues for exploring …
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The Advantages of Using Stable Isotope-Labeled Nucleic Acids

In the ever-evolving landscape of biological research, scientists are continually seeking innovative methods to unlock the secrets of life’s fundamental …
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Synthesizing Stable Isotope-Labeled Nucleic Acids

In our previous post, we discussed an overview of what stable isotope-labeled nucleic acids are, but in order to successfully …
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What Are Stable-Isotope Labeled Nucleic Acids?

Understanding the intricacy of molecules that form the basis of life requires specialized tools. One such tool is stable isotope-labeled …
Overview of types of proteomics

Understanding Proteomics: A Comprehensive Guide to the Various Types

Proteomics is the large-scale study of proteins, particularly their structures, functions, and roles in living organisms. Derived from the term …

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