Silantes rich growth media for Yeast

Yeast is used for the expression of eukaryotic proteins, since this host facilitates high protein expression and many post-translational protein modifications characteristic for mammalian cells. Silantes rich growth OD-Media for yeast are ready to use. The problem of optimizing standard minimal media containing glucose or methanol as a sole carbon source therefore does not arise. The Silantes media facilitate the growth of yeast (P. pastoris) in shake flask cultures to a preset OD value (Fig. 4).

Product-N°: Description labeled Quantity  
111001102 Yeast-OD2 unlabeled 200 ml  
111001402 Yeast-OD2 unlabeled 1000 ml  
111201402 Yeast-OD2 C 13C (98%) 1000 ml  
111701402 Yeast-OD2 CDN 13C, 2H, 15N (98%) 1000 ml  
111601402 Yeast-OD2 CN 13C, 15N (98%) 1000 ml  
111101402 Yeast-OD2 D 2H (98%) 1000 ml  
111301402 Yeast-OD2 N 15N (98%) 1000 ml  
111501402 Yeast-OD2 DN 2H, 15N (98%) 1000 ml  


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