Silantes offers labeled human Ubiquitin as a standard protein for Bio-NMR. Silantes Ubiquitin is purified from an overexpressing strain of E. coli. The protein is available in its native form or, as very economical option, carrying a his-tag. The purity is more than 99 % as judged from an overloaded SDS-PAGE. On request the protein can be shipped in a sealed NMR-tube.
  Description labeled
(> 98%)
151203100 Ubiquitin C 13C 1 mg  
151303100 Ubiquitin N 15N 1 mg  
151603100 Ubiquitin CN 13C, 15N 1 mg  
151503100 Ubiquitin DN 2H, 15N 1 mg  
151703100 Ubiquitin CDN 2H, 13C, 15N 1 mg  


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