Silantes offers a service for oligonucleotid synthesis of RNA and DNA
labeled with the stable isotopes 2H, 13C and 15N, having 98% of isotopic enrichment and HPLC-purity. Silantes is using enzymatic syntesis techniques.



Many parameters, such as type of isotopes required, length and amount of the oligo,
the sequence and ease of purification influence the price. Therefore, Silantes calculates the cost for each case individually.

Send your specific request to us - we will send you a quotation promptly.


For some sequences the yield of the enzymatic synthesis is difficult to predict (e.g. due to a special structure of the oligonucleotide.
In these cases Silantes offers a feasibility study in order to determine the yield. The price of the feasibility study is 500.00Euro.
If the customer orders the synthesis service, the 500.00Euro for the feasibility study are deducted from the final price.



For the synthesis of a specific oligonucleotide the following information is needed:

- Sequence of the desired oligonucleotide
- RNA or DNA
- Labeling
- Amount needed



Example of a project performed by Silantes
Synthesis of an E. coli promotor sequence 23-mer:

Labeling: 13C and 15N (>98%)
Purity: > 90%
Amount: 1mg
Our price for the production of this 23-mer oligonucleotide was 2,380 Euro.



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